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By: jehan najib

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Sunday, 11-Jun-2006 15:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Weak End?

Parallel I
Shadow Girl
Parallel II
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I'm now stronger
Coz the Weak has End Last weekend
amender aku mrepek krepek nih? yg pastinyer, sengal tu tkkan ilang. tah bila nk ilang ntah, aku pon tatau.
Sengal... Sengal... go away! Org nk gi camping next 2 weeks! go away!!!

Saturday, 3-Jun-2006 17:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark

kat shini kita main
shaya sherabai
shian shaya
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shian shaya!
shaya men tenish pakai kashut futshal! shebab tk shempat balik umah tuka kashut!
shaya tk pakai lense!
shaya men tennis, penat kejar bola. shebab shaya tk nampak bola tu kat mana. asyik mish je pukul bola.

snapshot by nokia N70

Saturday, 3-Jun-2006 16:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
futsal inter-dept

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congratulation to our team (retail-fuel marketing department)

Millions of thanks and congratulations to our Futsal team. We came in as a clear underdog but went to a big run in this year ERC futsal tournament. What a big shocker.. The full results are:

Drew Surface 0-0
Won Emit1, 1-0
QF Won Emit 2, 1-0
SF Lost Subsurface , 0-1

Special thanks to Raja & Nizam. your tremendous goals were so cheeky, and came at the right times.

My great salutation to our " bulldozer" defenders. The continous tackles by Taufek saved the team many times. I think they will ban taufek next year. And to all the defenders who always be there for our great goalkeeper, Ismail.

However, the highlight of the day went to Ismail, Many times we just could not believe our eyes that you really can "fly". Therefore, we voted you as "man of the match" today

To Lim, thanks for still coming despite your birthday party today. Hafiz, team manager, Nurul the lovely photograper. Berjaya membakar semangat Raja hari ini. Abg Zack & Son. Lincah, like father like son.

My outmost thank you to all the supportive SMS from all of you. Best of all, thanks to Faridah for buying us the team jersey. The Germany color, did some magic for us today. Can see & hear some envious looks & remarks on it.

Sunday, 28-May-2006 00:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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kerja kerja kerjaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
kerja sampai pengsan
kerja sampai cuti tk abis, pas tu bos kena buat reimbursement ( $_$ )
kerja sampai sakit! ohok! ohok!
kerja sampai pengsan! herk!!
kerja sampai tk tau siang mlm!
kerja sampai tk tau ribot topan!
kerja sampai kaya!

Monday, 22-May-2006 03:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
babai choops

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